10 Interesting Things To Do In Gold Beach, Oregon

If you’re looking to visit the Oregon coast along Highway 101, Gold Beach may not be on the top of the list. However, that’s precisely why we love this place so much! Gold Beach is an eclectic, rugged, and beautiful destination suited to all types of individuals. Especially those looking to take in exquisite beauty without the lines of cars and crowds of people around.

 The region close to Gold Beach is full of exciting and novel places for outdoor enthusiasts. Specifically, museums to visit, delicious food to eat, and entertaining excursions . 

This blog will cover a few fantastic things you can do in and around Gold Beach while at Honey Bear. There is a wide range of places and activities to explore within and around Gold Beach. The ten listed below are all within an hour’s distance and provide ample opportunity for fun, education, and thrill.

Joyride on Jerry's Rogue Jets

A few minutes up the highway from Honey Bear, you will discover one of Oregon’s finest adventures, Jerry’s Rogue Jets. Located on the Rogue River, Jerry’s Rogue Jets has provided jet cruises on the Rogue River for over 100 years. Founded in 1895 as a mail route for the region’s interior, these thrilling tours travel more than 50 miles up the Rogue River. Running from May 1st – October 15th, the thrilling excursions serve as entertainment for the entire family. Every tour is accompanied by expert narration by the boat’s operator and is a must while you are here in Gold Beach.

Book a Fishing Charter

Anglers from around the US come to Gold Beach to catch steelhead, salmon, halibut, and more. Guided fishing charters can be reserved depending on the time of year and the type of fish you’re seeking. 

Whether you are looking for a few hours or a full day, multiple fishing charters offer guided fishing excursions. You can see a complete list of the 20+ operations by following this LINK.

Watson Fishing Guide Service

See the Prehistoric Gardens

Take a drive 17 miles north of Gold Beach, and you will find a must-see Prehistoric Garden. It even features 23 life-sized dinosaurs roaming through the temperate Oregon rainforest. Take a guided tour to broaden your understanding of the evolution of earth and expand your dinosaur knowledge. A truly unique tourist destination along the Oregon Coast and only ten minutes from Honey Bear, this fascinating attraction is a wonderful spot for all ages. The Prehistoric Gardens are an eco-friendly destination and family-run company and have been operating since the 1960s.

Explore Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor

Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor is a day-use state park that stretches across a beautiful portion of US Highway 101. With ample area to explore, you can enjoy beaching, tide pools, and storm-watching at this Oregon treasure. Visitors can hike the park’s trails that meander through Sitka woodlands, rewarding them with stunning ocean views. During migration, the views from Cape Sebastian can provide an incredible opportunity to view the gray whales traveling offshore. 

Humbug Mountain State Park

Humbug Mountain State Park is a headland that rises directly from the sea, only 30 minutes away from Gold Beach. At 1,730 ft high and the region’s highest point along the coast, a mild hike provides visitors with incredible coastal views. 

This 1,842-acre park also has trails to the sea where visitors can play in the sand and explore the beaches. In the forest, visitors can find waterfalls, watch wildlife, and experience all the rainforest climate has to offer.

Humbug Mountain
Humbug Mountain Photo by Shaun Hunter

Relax at Pistol River State View Point

Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint is located in the dunes along the southern Oregon coast. Legend says the river’s namesake honors a militia soldier who lost his gun during the Rogue River Indian War. The dunes and the river system combine to create a truly unique area that is absolutely worth a visit any time of year. In warmer months, the dunes become larger and the river even changes course. Due to the vast beaches, lazy rivers, and stunning dunes, Pistol River State Scenic Viewpoint is an iconic tourism destination. 

Shop and Visit Galleries on the Main Drag

The majority of Gold Beach’s stores, restaurants, galleries, and shops are all located on the main road that passes through town. Explore a great selection of household items and gifts created from the unique Oregon Myrtlewood at The Rogue River Myrtlewood Shop. Visit Gold Beach Books, a bookshop, coffeehouse, and gallery that offers an array of new and used brand books displayed with coffee and baked goods. If seafood is on the menu, make sure to stop by Fisherman Direct Seafood and cook the day’s fresh catch.

Take Photos at the Kissing Rock

Kissing Rock is a large rock formation that many say looks more like a shark fin than a kiss. However, it’s a famous southern entry point towards Gold Beach and is one of the most popular places to stop and stare. Noted as an ideal place for local lovers to meet, the rocks and surrounding area create a picture-perfect location.

Photo by Stefan Bock

Learn New Things at the Curry Historical Museum

The Curry Historical Museum is a small museum that provides a quick opportunity to learn about the history of Curry County. This small museum is located in Gold Beach and is a great place to visit when you have a few minutes to kill. Museum volunteers are even available to answer your questions and explain the exhibits. This includes detailed displays on local shipwrecks, bridges, mining, logging, etc. All of which help tell a portion of the story in this fascinating area.

We hope this guide helps you to plan a relaxing weekend while visiting Gold Beach, Oregon. If you are looking for an easy way to experience this unforgettable area, explore the Honey Bear homepage for more. With a trip to Gold Beach to enjoy the stunning surroundings, mild temperatures, relaxed vibe, and many natural attractions.

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10 Interesting Things To Do In Gold Beach, Oregon

If you’re looking to visit Oregon’s coast along US Highway 101, Gold Beach may not be on the top of every travel list or blog you read online. However, that’s precisely why we love this place so much! Gold Beach is an eclectic, rugged, and beautiful destination suited to all types of individuals without the crowds of other similar locations up and down the coast.

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